I create transcriptions for and from numerous ensemble configurations, but, most of my work is for solo guitar.  This includes music composed for other instruments and arranged for the guitar [by me]. Other transcription and arrangement work has been for jazz band, wind ensemble, string quartet, chamber and full orchestras to name a few.
I have been transcribing and arranging for 40 years. It's work I greatly enjoy.

My hourly rate for transcribing guitar music is $90 per hour. It will include either manuscript in Finale and or as tabulature and manuscript in TablEdit. Paper copies will be provided (if needed) as well as PDF. My hourly rate for transcribing from other instruments and arranging for guitar is $100 per hour.

Below are some opening pages of recent scores and transcriptions-

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Thank you and stay tuned for updates


Four Channels: String Quartet C.2011 RG

Shades of Blue by Lucas Patti: Transcription

Oublisse 2 - Sarabande - Debussy